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候補者の履歴書をお渡しするには弊社とのFee Scheduleの契約が必要になります。弊社からご紹介した方が採用になるまで費用は発生致しませんのでご安心下さい。ご契約をご希望の方、また、ご質問等ございましたら までお問合せ下さい。

Japanese English Bilingual Candidates

Senior Level

Senior Level Purchasing, Scheduler
ID:SNG151110 (OH)

Relocation: Yes (NC, SC, GA)
Experiences: Purchasing, Supplier management, Production Scheduler, Inventory control
Industry: Automotive


Senior Level Office Administrator
ID:CN153010 (Charlotte area, NC) Senior Level
Relocation: No
Experiences: Administration, HR, Technical Translation, Interpreter, Import export, Executive Assistant


Senior Level Accountant
ID: KY143910 (Columbia area, SC)
Relocation: YES (NC)
Experience: Fixed assets, inventory and cost-accounting analysis and reports,Accounting documents Translation, Interpretation
Educations: B.A. Accounting, M.A. Business Administrative


ID: FL150010 (FL)
Relocation: YES (NC)
Experience: Sales, Customer Service, Interpreter/ Translator, Realtor
Language: Fluent in Japanese, speak intermediate Spanish and Thai

Office Administrator (General Office work)

ID: 08102017 (Columbia area, SC) 
Relocation: No
Experience: Office Work, Translation, Interpretation
Target Positions: Administration Assistant, HR, Translator, Interpreter


ID: T03032017 (Cobleskill, NY)
Relocation: Yes (South Carolina)
Experience: Teaching


ID:N153610 (MA)
Relocation: Yes (Triangle Are, NC)
Experiences: Medical Translation, Research Technician, Laboratory Technologist
Industry: Food, Hospital
Education: MA Biochemistry, BS Chemistry
Target:Medical,Biotechnology Interpreter/ Translator


ID:N135810 (NY)
Relocation: Yes (Any States)
Experiences: Free lance translator and interpreter (magazines and educational books), legal documents, Medical (Japanese to English)


ID:GA141010 (GA)
Relocation: Yes (Any States) Need Relocation Support
Experiences:Freelance interpretation/ translation (Automotive, Finance, Architecture, Insurance)


ID:NC141410 (Triangle Area, NC)
Experiences:Office Administration, PA/PR, Book keeping, invoicing, Event cordinating,
Certifications: JLPT1, Advanced


ID: NC142510 (Triangle Area, NC)
Experiences: Customer Service, Front Desk Receptionist, Flight Attendant, general office work